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8 & 9 September 2020 – The FRIM PCS and MOF working teams held a Furniture Improvement Criteria Purification Meeting and Way Forwarding Government Furniture Supply as well as the FRIM PCS Implementation Committee Meeting in Putrajaya.
The objective of this meeting is to discuss issues, challenges in the implementation of FRIM as a Regulator in the Provision of Government Furniture as gazette in the Malaysian Treasury Circular, Appendix PK2.1, and further Purification of Furniture Maker Criteria document and Way Forward.

The first day meeting was co-chaired by Mr Hashim W Samsi (FRIM) and Dr Mohd Rezal Jaafar (MOF). The FRIMPCS-MOF Implementation Committee meeting held on the second day was chaired by YBhg Dato ‘Mohd Zafir Ibrahim (MOF) 
Also present were Mrs. Hazliza Hassan (MOF), Mrs. Noraziah Abdul Halim (MOF), YBrs Dr Wan Asma Ibrahim (PKH, FRIM), Dr Sharmiza Adnan (MD, FRIM PCS) as well as FRIM PCS Officer and Product Certification Empowerment Program (MP).

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