The Cost Involved

1.  Product Certification Cost

No Type Of payment Total
1. New Application RM 500 (including one product)
    RM 150 (additional product)
2. Annual Fee RM 500 (including one product)
    RM 100 (additional product)
3. Documentation Audit RM 500
4. Evaluation Audit in Factory  
  Auditor RM 1000 per person
  Technical Expert (if necessary) RM 1000 per person
5. Testing Cost Depends on type of product
6. Additional Cost Depends on distance and location
7. Process Fee RM 300
8. Certificate Cost RM 100


2. Group Inspection Cost and Product Sticker Issuance

No Type of Payment Total
1. First Group RM 500
2. Additional Group RM 200
3. Inspector  RM 1000 each


  • The real cost depend on the total number of products and implementation days of audit. Quotation will provide letter.