Complaints, Objections and Appeals can be appeal through;

             i.        Complaint form in FRIM PCS website;  Complaint Form

            ii.        Letter;

           iii.        E-mel or

           iv.        Phone call


i. Complaints received should be related to FRIM PCS product certification only such as logo forgery; misuse of adhesive labels, forgery of product compliance certificates and any related issue;

ii. All complaints should be referred to FRIM PCS for further action.

i. Objections can be submitted from the application process until before the decision of the FRIM PCS Certification Panel is issued;

ii. Objections submitted may affect the duration of the application process; and

iii. The outcome of the protest is final.

i.           Member of FRIM Impartiality and Appeal Committee are: 

             a.    Chairman – FRIM Deputy Director General (Operation)

            b.    Secretary – Manager Director FRIM PCS

           c.  Representative of FOMCA

           d.  Representative of KPDNKK

           e.  Representative of MOF

           f.   Representative of MFC

          g.   Representative of MOE

ii.        An appeal must be written to FRIM PCS. The appeal period is two weeks after the decision is notified to the applicant / product certificate holder and the appeal after that period will not be process.

iii.        The appeal received must be related to the FRIM PCS Product Certification procedure

iv.        Appeals will be examined to identify the type of appeal, case, and responsible party; and

v.        Decision of FRIM Impartiality and Appeal Committee are final desicion and other appeals will not be process.