Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Product Certification Quality is a third-party audit of the process and product manufacturing, to evaluate process and product compliance level towards designated standard requirements. this will lead to a recognition through certificate awarded for Product Quality by FRIM PCS.

Please contact our officer at FRIM Product Certification Services :-

Puan Nur Elysa Shakira Binti Othman
Tel: 03 6279 7746 / 03 6279 7730 / 03 6279 7772

The cost depends on the application payment, audit, expertise, annual fee and other costs related to certificate management.

No Stage Services Payment
1 Approval of Quotation application, Application and Declaration Forms submission Payment application
2 After completion Evaluation of
Compliance Audit and Product Testing
Audit and Testing Payments
3 Certificate is approved before certificate issuance Annual Fees
4 Surveillance Audit (12 month after issuance) and product testing Surveillance Audit, Testing & Annual Fee payments
5 Surveillance Audit (24 month after issuance) and product testing Surveillance Audit, Testing & Annual Fee payments
6 Re certification Audit (for new certificate cycle) Re certification Audit, Product Testing and annual Fee payments

When a product is certified, FRIM-PCS will issue a Product Compliance Certificate to the applicants. The name of the certificate holder and certified product will be inserted in the database of Active Certificate Holder.

No. However, certification compulsory for regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Finance (Department of Government Furniture Procurement for Centralised Panel Contract) and Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.

Yes. Observation is conducted to ensure :

  1. The Practice level of the company is continuously in compliance with the scheme stipulated including regulations and standard.
  2. Product quality plan of the manufacturer is implemented continuously.
  3. Product manufactured are always in good quality.

Applicant must:

  1. Registered under the field code in accordance with the Centralized Panel Contract System at the Ministry of Finance Malaysia
  2. Has a furniture factory
  3. Have machines related to furniture making
  4. Operate fully before the application is made
  5. Has an organized documentation and records system for:

a) Procurement of raw materials and components

b) Technical drawings and specifications of the furniture produced

c) Internal quality control

d) Equipment calibration control

e) Product quality control that does not meet specifications

f) Customer complaints

g) Personnel competence