26 MAY 2023, Kepong – Eid Aidilfitri Ceremony and FRIM PCS Green Certification Talk on 26 May 2023 last Friday. This event, the first time it has been held, combines a celebration ceremony and also a briefing session on green product certification offered by FRIM PCS.

This event was to celebrate the customers of FRIM PCS and the agencies involved and to socialize with FRIM PCS staff and the line of auditors.

The FRIM Green Certification briefing session was delivered by Dr Sharmiza Aznan as the Managing Director of FRIM PCS. This partnership introduces the FRIM Green Certification Scheme in terms of product categories, costs involved, testing and the advantages of this green certification.

The people of FRIM PCS would like to thank all the customers and stake holders who attended and made the ceremony and briefing more lively. Hopefully an event like this will further strengthen the professional relationship between the customer and the agencies involved.

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