Skop Pensijilan Produk Perabot

“ Adalah dimaklumkan Skop Pensijilan Produk Perabot yang ditawarkan oleh FRIM PCS berdasarkan kepada standard yang berikut:,/div>



SCOPE NO. AND NACE CODE: 23 (31.01 & 31.09)

Certification Standard




BS EN 1729-2:2012


Furniture- Chairs and tables for educational institutions

Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods

BS EN 14073-2:2004

Office Furniture – Storage furniture-Part 2: Safety requirements

BS EN 15372:2016

Furniture- Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for nondomestic tables

BS EN 16121:2013

Non-domestic storage furniture- Requirements for safety,

strength, durability and stability

BS EN 527-2:2016

Office furniture – Work tables and desks – Part 2: Mechanical

safety requirements

BS EN 16139:2013

Furniture – Strength, durability & safety – Requirements for nondomestic



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